COMEDY PALACE: This Time it’s Birthdaynal

Ladies and Germs! 

My first year booking the show also happens to be the year my actual birthday lands on a Thursday! And to celebrate we have a real whopper of a night planned. Buckle TF up, friends and get ready for an evening with:

Ian Karmel

Allen Strickland Williams

Lizzy Cooperman

Solomon Giorgio 

Brent Weinbach

Pam Severns and Murray

and resident comedian Melissa Stephens
You know the drill. It’s free, there’s parking, there’s food and drink specials. But also….This week…. I’ll probably have some cake for everyone! The only way to know is by showing up!

It’s Comedy Time!

ComedyPalace Poster.jpg

Hey team!
Guess what!? Thursday’s back on the horizon which means you get to see these spectacular comedians for free at your favorite Los Feliz Chinese Restaraunt!

Dave Ross
Shawn Pearlman
Jamie Loftus
Melissa Stephens
Billy Anderson
Nat Baimel

Free comedy! Free parking! Drink Specials! Great food!

Don’t Miss This Comedy Palace!

ComedyPalace Poster

Don’t be left in Dust Town, USA, come to The Palace this week and watch these wonderful comics spin their yarns…
Rhea Butcher
Michael Palasack
Stephanie Simbari
Jonathan Morvay
Charla Laurison
Lisa Curry
Ron Babcock
Melissa Stephens
Robert Baril
Mike Lester

Here’s what else you need to know..
1) There is a parking lot, it’s free
2) There’s a drink special, with which you recieve one free drink
3) The show itself is, in fact, very free
All for you, audience member.

A Socks Knocking Off Night at Comedy Palace

ComedyPalace PosterHoly crows. This week is jam packed for your viewing pleasure!
You should be just as excited as I am to see these comics:

Dan St. Germain
Nate Craig
Jamel Johnson
Paige Weldon
Steve Gillespie
Ron Babcock
Melissa Stephens

It’s going to be a hell of a show! And as always, come park in the free lot, grab a drink special, get some tasty foods and enjoy one of the free-est shows in town!

Doors at 9, show at 9:30!

Comedy Palace Closing Out June!

Hey June! You’ve been real fun but now it’s time to say goodbye, and here are the spectacular comedians who will show you the door….

Lisa Best
Alex Falcone
Debra DiGiovanni
Lynn Bixenspan
Monique Madrid

It’s going to be a hell of a show! And as always, come park in the free lot, grab a drink special, get some tasty foods and enjoy one of the free-est shows in town!ComedyPalace Poster copy

Last Show of May!

ComedyPalace Poster
We’re saying goodbye to May this week and sending it off with a real bang! Come see these guys before the grueling summer months set in and break our spirits!

Ian karmel
Blake Wexler
Jen Saunderson
Tony Sam

Amber Preston
Emma Arnold
Chris Walsh

Doors Open at 9, show at 9:30!
2112 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, California 90027

“That all sounds pretty great…” You say. “But I hate going to places that are hard to find.”
“Good news!” Says I, “The Palace is the easiest place to find in all of America! It’s right off of Hillhurst Avenue, a stress free thuroughfare in a plesant neighborhood!”
“That’s all well and fine…but parking-”
“THERE’S A LOT! Literally and figuratively! We’re one of two places in Los Angeles with a parking lot! And even if it’s full, there are meters all over the place that all stop keeping track of your car at 8pm. The entire area is a giant free parking lot!!!”
“But I’m hungry…”
“Treat yourself to some fun, Grade A Chinese food!”
“It’s Thirtsty Thursday and I’m required to drink alcohol (Thanks, Obama…)”
“Full bar! Drink specials!!”
“That all sounds great. But I’m broke.”

Top notch comedians! Great Chinese food! Parking! Full bar and Drink Specials! FREE
Photos at Comedy